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..................................Personal Information
Born: 12.04.1948 in Cherkassy (Ukraine, USSR)

1971-74 postgraduate student at Steklov Mathematical Institute
of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

1966-71 Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics,
Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. Cerificate with excellence.

1963-66 Specialized Mathematical Boarding School of Kiev State University.
Certificate with the gold medal.

Fields of specification while a graduate student:
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.

Candidate of Sciences (PhD), February 1975.
Topic: Point Processes and Extended Stochastic Integrals
Supervisor: Shiryaev A.N.
Referees: Skorohod A.V., Krylov N.V.

Doctor of Sciences, 1984.
Topic: Martingale Methods in the Theory of Counting Processes
Referees: Skorohod A.V., Grigelionis B.I., Chibisov D.M.

Titles and Degrees

Science Degrees:

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1975)
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1984)

Science Titles:
Senior Research Fellow (1989)
Professor (1992)

Member of the Academia Europaea (2012)




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